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What Makes Exverus Unique?

Exverus is a data-driven media agency dedicated to growing modern brands.

We Manage:
Digital Media
Traditional Media
Performance Media
Brand Media


Exclusively For Growing Brands

We only work with brands who invest between $1MM-$30MM in paid media. These growth-stage brands are the most exciting to work with and we have experience with hundreds.

Full Funnel Media Planning

Wherever your brand is focused, we manage performance and brand-building media, and advise clients on the strongest mix to drive growth.


We have won AdWeek's Media Plan of the Year for a brand looking to break through with Millennials, YouTube Ad of the Year for a client's highest ever ROI campaign and were named the fastest growing full-service media agency in the world by AdWeek in 2019.

Fully Accountable With AI

We license and pay for 3rd party attribution software and use AI to optimize our clients' marketing mix including offline sales.


Talia Arnold

Head of Strategy and Planning

Bill Durrant

Managing Director



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